The University

General Background

Valparaiso University is a private, selective, independent Lutheran institution in Valparaiso, Indiana, located in an urban area of the Midwest region, an hour’s drive from Chicago.

Founded in 1859, Valpo offers a thorough grounding in the liberal arts as well as professional training and graduate study, helping students find their own paths to lifelong personal and professional growth.

Valparaiso University, (aka Valpo) attracts thinkers, contributors, and leaders. Known for its increasingly diverse culture and academic environment, Valparaiso University is consistently ranked in the top 10 for the Best Regional Universities in the Midwest, according to U.S. News & World Report. Also, Valparaiso University has been named to The Best College’s list of the 10 Most Innovative Colleges for Foreign Language Study, ranking among prestigious universities including Yale, Columbia, Cornell, and UCLA.


An independent Lutheran institution, Valparaiso University operates under the guidance of its Board of Directors, which appoints the University’s president and establishes terms of employment for its officers. The Board’s plan of internal governance provides for representation of faculty, staff, and students.

The Board bears ultimate responsibility for the University’s operations and finances. Its membership of up to 45 individuals includes the President, the Chair of the Valparaiso University Guild Board of Directors, and the President of the Valparaiso University Alumni Association. The Board’s authority, responsibilities, and processes are outlined in its bylaws. Frederick G. Kraegel is Chairman of the Board.